“Can desire, the anticipation of pleasure, ever truly be photographed? No one has done it as well as Chas Ray Krider, and no one has equaled his blend of salaciousness and subtlety.”
— Esparbec, writer, Paris 2007

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Do No Disturb was published October 2007 in Paris by La Musardine. The book dimension is 8x10.5 inches (20x27cm), with 166 color images. The first printing is an edition of 3000. At this time a limited number of copies are available in the US. Copies of Do Not Disturb maybe acquired for $60 by contacting Chas Ray Krider, phone: 614-327-2793

In Europe, Do No Disturb is available online from the publisher La Musardine.

For inquiries regarding the purchase of prints from Do Not Disturb contact Chas Ray Krider.

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